Remote Choice respects your right to privacy

Last updated: 2 August 2021

Remote Choice is built using Webflow. There is:


To access the location guides you have to sign up. For this we use MemberSpace, a third party service that does collect basic information such as your name and email address. This information is not transmitted back to Remote Choice. Feel free to check out their Privacy Policy for more information.

Singup and login is handled by MemberSpace, but all further interaction happens within Remote Choice.

Whilst you're on the domain "" you are using Remote Choice. Whenever you are using "" that means you are using MemberSpace, meaning their Privacy Policy applies.

Again, this only applies to signup and login. None of the information is passed back to Remote Choice. If you're not fine with this, not to worry! There is plenty of free content you can check out, which doesn't require you to sign up.

You are not automatically subscribed to a newsletter when signing up. You can choose to opt-in manually.


For web analytics we use Plausible. To quote from their website:

Web analytics without the use of cookies and other privacy-invasive tools. Plausible doesn’t use cookies and doesn’t track nor collect any personal data. This means that Plausible provides you web analytics compliant with the cookie law and privacy regulations out of the box.There is no need for you to have a complex privacy policy because of the Plausible analytics, collection of personal data or cookies.

That's all there is. No legalese required.