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👥  Population: 126 million

🌍  Region: North America

🗣  Languages: Spanish plus 68 Amerindian languages

🚙  Drive on the: Right

💵  Currency: Mexican peso, MXN, $, Mex$

☎️  Calling Code: +52

Mexico is a country in North America covering a vast area on the continent, being one of the largest countries in the world. It is megadiverse in geography as well as people, featuring deserts, jungles, mountains, beaches, plains, highly developed urban areas and much more.

3 random facts about Mexico

👥 Mexico is the 10th most populous country in the world.

💪 Mexico is the hardest working country in the world, based on hours worked.

🍫 Mexico gave the world chocolate.



Depending on your country of origin you may stay in Mexico visa free for up to 180 days.

It is usually quite straightforward to fly into a neighbouring country (or go by land) and return to Mexico, giving you another 180 days. Note that it is up to the immigration official if they allow you to re-enter this way.

If you're from a country without visa free access to Mexico you have to apply for a visitor visa.

Mexico Immigration

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Staying longer

Remote workers

Mexico has a visa specifically designed to attract remote workers called the "Temporary Resident Visa". We've covered the details of it in our resource for Remote work visas around the world, which you can access here.

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