👥 Population: 675,000

🕑 Time Zone: Pacific Time Zone (PST): UTC -8

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Vancouver is the largest city of the province British Columbia, straddling the far west coast of Canada. Featuring some of the warmest weather in Canada, surrounded by a lot of nature, Vancouver is consistently ranked as one of North Americas most livable cities.


Vancouver's climate is classed as oceanic. It has warm summers and cool, wet winters. It is one of the cities with the most rainfall in Canada. Summers are 18°C on average and winters are 5°C on average.

Getting around

Uber available

❌ no, use Blacklane and local taxis instead.

From airport

Vancouver International Airport

Train: With Canada Line it takes 30 minutes from the airport to the city. Tickets start at C$3.

Car rentals: Car rental options



Methods: Bus, SkyTrain, SeaBus, and Rail

Where to live

Downtown/Yaletown: Good for first-timers and is trendy. Great public transportation, shopping, and lots of cafes and restaurants. Suitable for everyone. Good for people who enjoy nightlife.

West End: Close to beaches, good for families and for budget travellers. Tourist friendly.

Kitsilano: Away from the hustle and bustle. Has great access to beach. Good for families.

Temporary accommodation



A 1 bedroom place typically costs between C$2,000 and C$3,500 per month.

A 2 bedroom place typically costs between C$3,000 and C$5,500 per month.



Downtown Farmers market

Kitsilano Farmers Market

Granville Island Public Market



Whole Foods

Convenience stores



Hear from a local

Here's what Ara Ghougassian has to say about Vancouver:

Vancouver is a dynamic mid-sized city that has a lot to offer, but do expect for it to be expensive. It is a fantastic city to live and work in if you enjoy nature and being in the outdoors.


In the fall & winter it does rain quite a bit in Vancouver. The nice part is that it never gets that cold, so running, hiking, and enjoying the outdoors is available almost year-round. The summers in Vancouver are incredible; bright, beautiful, and humid free. It's the perfect time to enjoy the beaches, incredible hikes, and the city surounded by ocean and mountains. You can even drive out to the interior for wine tastings and riding boats on the gorgeous lake (BC has one of Canada's only deserts: Osoyoos, a beautiful area that's perfect in the summertime for people that want a bit more heat and a small-town charm).


Vancouver doesn't really have a dominant culture; it's more like a subtle blend of multiple different cultures. What this means is that food & entertainment are incredibly varied. Thai food, Caribbean dinner & dance restaurants, Venues that host artists from around the world, world-class Japanese sushi, authentic Italian delis, EDM clubs, a vibrant gay community, and more. Multiculturalism is woven into the fibres of Vancouver, and there is a lot to enjoy because of that.One downside is that the city still feels young, and it's missing certain things, like for example Vancouver doesn't have a strong night life. There are definitely bars, restaurants, clubs, and entertainment to enjoy but it's not really a young vibrant nightlife like Montreal or LA for example.


Vancouver is split between modern steel/glass condos that fill up downtown, and single-family houses that make up most of the city. One thing to keep in mind is that both options are costly - housing is expensive in the city. Many young people live with roommates or their partners when they move out. Public transportation on the other hand is very well developed here. Buses and an above-ground SkyTrain run frequently and connect vast parts of the city for an affordable monthly price. Many people in Vancouver get by without owning a car.

Vancouvers #1 strength is its multiculturalism. You can find great food, entertainment, and people of all cultures there so it's really a great melting pot of people.

Also, the nature is just unbelievable!

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Work space

To get you started quickly, we focused on picking one, cool, unique, and comfortable coworking space per location. Prices are for a desk in a shared space, for every day use. Expect dedicated spaces to cost more.

Coworking space


Prices are from C$295 per month.