Tel Aviv

👥 Population: 460,000

🕑 Time Zone: Israel Standard Time (IST): UTC +2

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Tel Aviv is the most populous city in Israel, forming its economic and technological centre. Featuring an extensive collection of beaches, Tel Aviv is a lively, bustling city with the second highest concentration of startups in the world.


Tel Aviv's climate is mediterranean with warm to hot summers and warm to cool winters. Most rainfall happens in winter. Average summer temperature is 27°C and winter is 14°C.

Getting around

Uber available

✅  yes as well as Blacklane, Gett and local taxis

From airport

Ben Gurion Airport

Train: With Israel Railways it takes 18 minutes from the airport to the city. Tickets start at ₪16. Keep in mind that they don't run on Shabbat (Friday evening through to Saturday evening), so you would have to get a taxi from the airport.

Car rentals: Car rental options


Ministry of Transport

Methods: Bus, train, Service Taxi (minibus)

Where to live

Tayelet/Tel Aviv Port (Namal): Good for tourists and families. Next to the beach. Lots of hotels, restaurants, shopping, nightlife and outdoor activities.

Lev Ha’ir/White City: Considered the heart of the city. Good for shopping, plenty of cafes, restaurants and nightclubs.

Neve Tzedek: Good for first timers and backpackers although caters to families and all budgets. Artsy vibe and has many historical buildings and boutiques. Relaxed.

Florentin/Jaffa: Both are good for everyone including families. Vibrant and trendy and has lots of cafes and restaurants.

Temporary accommodation



A 1 bedroom place typically costs between ₪8,000 and ₪15,000 per month.

A 2 bedroom place typically costs between ₪10,000 and ₪19,000 per month.



Tel Aviv Port Market (Shuk HaNamal)

Carmel Market (Shuk HaCarmel)

HaTikva Market


The website for Shufersal is only accessible from within Israel, so you'll have to use a VPN. There is also another supermarket chain called: Yesh

Convenience stores

Small local shops known as “Makolets”.

Travel remotely

Work space

To get you started quickly, we focused on picking one, cool, unique, and comfortable coworking space per location. Prices are for a desk in a shared space, for every day use. Expect dedicated spaces to cost more.

Coworking space


Prices are from ₪1,650 per month.