👥 Population: 2.5 million

🕑 Time Zone: Colombia Time (COT) UTC +5

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Medellin is Colombia's second largest city, mostly located within a valley of a central Andes mountain range. It has long left behind its violent past and is now a relatively safe city featuring a comfortable quality of life.


Medellin is warm year round without much temperature extremes. It's roughly classed as humid subtropical. Average yearly temperature is 18°C.

Getting around

Uber available

✅  yes as well as Cabify and local taxis

From airport

José María Córdova International Airport

Bus: With COMBUSES S.A. it takes 30 minutes from the airport to the city. Tickets start at COL$9,500.


Metro de Medellin

Methods: Metro (rail), Tranvía (tramcar), Metrocable (cable-car), Bus (many different types)

Where to live

El Poblado: Good for tourists, higher-end, plenty of bars, coffee shops, restaurants and nightclubs).

Laureles: Local vibe, good for everyone. Lots of restaurants, cafes and cool dancing spots.

Envigado: A town in itself outside of the city, good transport into the centre. Good for families and exploring other areas. Doesn’t lack in restaurants etc.

Temporary accommodation



A 1 bedroom place typically costs between COL$900,000 and COL$1,500,000 per month.

A 2 bedroom place typically costs between COL$2,000,000 and COL$3,500,000 per month.



Mercado Medellín

Plaza del Mercado La America

Plaza Minorista José María Villa





Convenience stores

Besides these listed there are also local shops which are called “Tiendas de barrio” or “Minimercados”.


Justo & Bueno

Travel remotely

Work space

To get you started quickly, we focused on picking one, cool, unique, and comfortable coworking space per location. Prices are for a desk in a shared space, for every day use. Expect dedicated spaces to cost more.

Coworking space

CoWorking Inspira

Prices are from COL$470,000 per month.