Chiang Mai

👥 Population: 127,000

🕑 Time Zone: UTC +7

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Chiang Mai is the largest city in northern Thailand and is surrounded by mountains. It is a compact city that has become a major hub for people working remotely. From modern cafes, to shopping malls and night markets, Chiang Mai offers a lot in a relatively small space.


The climate in Chiang Mai is tropical with consistently warm to hot weather throughout the year, and two seasons: dry and rainy. Average yearly temperature is 30°C.

Where to live

Old City: Walkable area steeped in history. Popular amongst backpackers and has Everything that you could want; restaurants, bars and ample opportunities for shopping. Plenty of dining options, from higher-end restaurants to street stalls. Good for all budgets.

Night Bazaar Area & Riverside: Popular amongst tourists and good for first timers. Great for shopping and dining. Night Bazaar area is good for all budgets, moving slightly more upscale as you get closer to Riverside.

Nimmanhaemin: More of a small city feel, has a shopping centre and more of a modern feel. Plenty of dining options and nightlife. Suitable for people wanting a more upscale experience as well as travellers on a budget.

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JingJai Market Chiang Mai

Friday Morning Market

Ton Lam Yai Market

Monday Farmers Market




Big C

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Getting around

From airport

Chiang Mai Airport

Method: Bus, taxi


Methods: Songthaew/RodDaeng, tuk tuks, taxi

Uber available

❌ no, use Blacklane, Grab and local taxis instead.

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