👥 Population: 7.4 million

🕑 Time Zone: Colombia Time (COT) UTC +5

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Bogota is the largest and capital city of Colombia. Based on altitude it is the third highest capital in South America. Being over 400 years old Bogota is rich in history and culture, whilst being a modern, developed city.


Bogota's weather is classed as Mediterranean featuring warm to hot summers and cold winters. Due to its elevation it is cooler than most Mediterranean locations. Dry and rainy seasons alternate throughout the year. Average yearly temperature is 15°C.

Getting around

Uber available

✅  yes as well as Cabify, Beat and local taxis

From airport

El Dorado International Airport

Bus: There are a variety of buses available, but for most getting an authorised taxi or Uber is advised. Prices vary and it takes around 30 minutes from the airport to the city.

Car rentals: Car rental options



Methods: Bus, cablecar

Where to live

Chapinero: Broken down into popular areas such as Quinta Camacho (good for everyone, plenty of bars, coffee shops, restaurants and cute boutiques), La Zona Rosa (good accommodation, lots of local shops, restaurants and discos). Chicó y el Parque 93 (more affluent neighbourhood, good for families, commercial and hub for nightlife).

La Calendaria: Historical centre; popular among tourists and expats, good art scene. Suitable for all budgets and has good public transport.

Usaquén: Has a popular, weekly flee market. Unique suburb, good for exploring the villages and natural beauty outside of the city proper. Hip and trendy.

Temporary accommodation



A 1 bedroom place typically costs between COL$900,000 and COL$1,300,000 per month.

A 2 bedroom place typically costs between COL$1,500,000 and COL$3,000,000 per month.



Del Campo a tu Casa, located in Plaza de los Artesanos (Sat & Sun)

Many local markets such as:






Convenience stores



Travel remotely

Work space

To get you started quickly, we focused on picking one, cool, unique, and comfortable coworking space per location. Prices are for a desk in a shared space, for every day use. Expect dedicated spaces to cost more.

Coworking space


Prices are from COL$350,000 per month.