United Arab Emirates


👥  Population: 9.9 million

🌍  Region: Middle East

🗣  Languages: Arabic, English

🚙  Drive on the: Right

💵  Currency: UAE Dirham, AED

☎️  Calling Code: +971

The United Arab Emirates is a relatively young country that became highly developed in a short time. Consisting of mostly desert, the UAE used its oil riches and shrewd use of finances to create a modern, safe society. Wanting to stand out on the global stage you can find a lot of the worlds largest here from shopping malls, to buildings, to aquariums. There is so much packed in this country, it is difficult to run out of things to do.

3 random facts about the UAE

✈️ Terminal 3 in Dubai International Airport is the largest in the world.

🌍 Expats make up around 80% of the population.

🐪 Camels are an integral part of UAE tradition and culture.



Depending on your country of origin you may stay in the UAE visa free for up to 30 or 90 days. Members of the Gulf Coorporation Council have freedom of movement in the UAE.

If you require a visit visa, they are valid for up to 30 or 90 days. It is called a "Tourist visa".

United Arab Emirates Immigration

Staying longer

Remote workers

The Emirate of Dubai has a visa specifically designed to attract remote workers. We've covered the details of it in our resource for Remote work visas around the world, which you can access here.

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